DNForum is up!

dnforumDNForum is up.

Whether this is permanent or temporary, we aren’t sure.

After all, a brand needs active members that support it, and as an acronym for “Domain Name Forum,” the DNForum brand is quite strong.

The sad news, is that it’s not DNForum.com we’re talking about, but rather, an alternative domain registration, DNForum.cc.

There is no indication why DNForum.com is still down, but since it has been down for a week, someone else apparently decided to launch a new domain name forum, using the same keyword.

Would that satisfy the thousands of DNForum.com members that were left without a trace of their past activity, or pending transactions even?

In our opinion, that’s doubtful.

It’s important to point out that “DNForum.com” is a registered trademark, along with the byline “The Place to Talk Domains.”

Update : DNForum.cc and its matching Facebook group are now closed. That was quick!

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