Domain pioneers : North Korea prepares to launch its first gTLD

Kim Jong-un, Glorious Leader of North Korea, and his pioneers.

Kim Jong-un, Glorious Leader of North Korea, and his pioneers.

North Korea might be effectively a “black hole” on the Internet map, but domain technology among the communist elite is a source of national pride.

Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, aspires to build a nation of technocrats starting at kindergarten age.

Following its casual military rhetoric, North Korea is now preparing to launch its first gTLD, dot .KimJong-un.

“We are creating a strong nation that protects the Motherland at the international cybermap, ahead of the aggressive United States and their allies,” said Kim Un Bong, senior party official at Pyongyang.

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is ready to show its unlimited power, and with the new gTLD launch our Glorious Leader will be immortalized,” added Kim Un Bong, saluting the framed photo of Kim Jong-un.

The launch of dot .KimJong-un was approved during ICANN56 in Helsinki, Finland; the liberal Finnish government gave the presiding vote after lengthy deliberations that lasted 20 minutes. The North Korean delegates were clearly pleased with the decision.

“Dot .KimJong-un will fight the capitalist interests that are using dot .Kim to put pressure on our Glorious Leader. They will fail, we will surpass even .XYZ!” exclaimed Kim Un Bong.

If everything goes as planned, all North Korean school children aged 5 and up will be given a dot .KimJong-un domain, to use as a virtual altar of their adoration towards Kim Jong-un. A praying widget to light virtual candles will be provided for free.

It just might be safer for the global community if North Korea focused on the launch of gTLD domains than ballistic missiles, after all.

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