#Domain politics : #Pocahontas .com in the hands of #senator Elizabeth Warren

The domain Pocahontas.com changed hands two years ago, after a controversial remark made by Donald Trump.

The US president referred to Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic Party politician and academic from Massachusetts with the moniker of “Pocahontas” – making fun of her native American heritage and asking her to prove it.

In recent days, the reference to “Pocahontas” came back to light, after Ms. Warren’s DNA test shows native American ancestry going back several generations. In doing so, Ms. Warren sought to force Donald Trump to keep a pledge about donating $1 million dollars of his personal funds to charity, and to use her own assigned moniker to her political benefit.

We don’t expect Donald Trump to keep any such promise, but in the meantime, the domain name Pocahontas.com still forwards to ElizabethWarren.com, and that seems to be by the senator’s choice.

While there are no recorded sales for Pocahontas.com, the domain changed ownership, registrar and DNS on April 3, 2016.

These combined changes to the domain’s record, suggest that a sale might have occurred, as opposed to a mere pointing of the domain to the Democratic senator’s primary web site.

We can only speculate about the domain’s presumed worth, which can be from hundreds of thousands of dollars to well over a million, prior to its use by senator Elizabeth Warren.

Pocahontas.com points to ElizabethWarren.com

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