Domain rebranding : Mini Doughnut Factory against Mini Donut Mill

It’s donuts against doughnuts in Tampa, and a legal battle between Patrick Ruddell’sMini Doughnut Factory” against the “Mini Donut Mill” ended with some serious domain rebranding.

Chef Patrick’s business, selling delicious mini doughnuts for hours on end daily, is without any dispute very successful.

Almost two years old, the business is thriving, and in May, competition set up shop just two miles away from the Ruddells.

Mini Donut Mill opened up following the same concept, but it’s the name that Chef Patrick took offense in, as “mill” is synonymous with “factory.” The lawsuit that was filed against the Mini Donut Mill owners cited trade name infringement and tortuous interference with business relationships.

In the end, the Mini Donut Mill performed a quick domain rebranding, changing its name to Little Donut House. The domain now forwards to; the following domains that were part of the original brand, will most likely be unused once renewal time comes:

The Ruddells announced plans for five additional Mini Doughnut Factory locations, with four to open this year and one to open in the first quarter of 2018.

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