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Domain rebranding : Mini Doughnut Factory against Mini Donut Mill

It’s donuts against doughnuts in Tampa, and a legal battle between Patrick Ruddell’s “Mini Doughnut Factory” against the “Mini Donut Mill” ended with some serious domain rebranding. Chef Patrick’s business, selling delicious mini doughnuts for hours on end daily, is without any dispute very successful. Almost two years old, the business is thriving, and in […]

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Chef Patrick : 7 reasons why donuts are better than domains

Patrick Ruddell‘s transformation, from the “hot shot” domain blogger days is remarkable. The Chef Patrick days are definitely over as the blog’s been frozen for four years, but Ruddell’s ability to adapt to market conditions make his business acumen stand out from the crowd. Switching over from domain blogging and brokering to real estate flipping […]

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