Chef Patrick : 7 reasons why donuts are better than domains

Patrick Ruddell‘s transformation, from the “hot shot” domain blogger days is remarkable.

The Chef Patrick days are definitely over as the blog’s been frozen for four years, but Ruddell’s ability to adapt to market conditions make his business acumen stand out from the crowd.

Switching over from domain blogging and brokering to real estate flipping was a natural; at the same time he followed a strict nutritional schedule, losing weight and gaining muscle in the process.

Ron Jackson‘s coverage of Patrick Ruddell’s most latest venture, the Mini Doughnut Factory, was among the best kept secrets of domaining, and we were sworn to secrecy while the plans unfolded. 😀

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we can most definitely share with you 8 reasons why being in the donut business beats domaining. 😀

  • You can eat the donuts. You cannot eat domains.
  • Creating your own donut from scratch, time and again, to sell to customers can’t be replicated by a single domain sale.
  • You don’t have to make cold calls to pitch donuts, everyone comes to your place to buy.
  • No long lines to buy your domain names, but have you seen the lines outside of the Mini Doughnut Factory – on a Sunday no less?
  • With donuts, you don’t need to worry about the falling prices of the Chinese domain market.
  • No arguing over who’s domains are the best; because there is no competition for Patrick Ruddell’s marvelous donuts.
  • Your wife and kids can work with you making the best donuts in Florida. Good luck doing that as a domainer!

Well done, Patrick and Zezura Ruddell! 😀

donuts1 donuts2 donuts3 donuts4 donuts5

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One Response to “Chef Patrick : 7 reasons why donuts are better than domains”
  1. Aaron Strong says:

    It looks like he will be on ‘Shark Tank’ very soon!..

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