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Domain security : DomainTools rolls out Threat Profile in beta

DomainTools is rolling out Threat Profile, a new security tool that identifies domains that can be used for phishing, malware or spam campaigns – before that happens!

This type of “Minority Report” utilizes heuristic algorithms that can efficiently crunch through data, and allocate probability of malicious use to domain names, quite accurately.

Sounds a lot like a parody story we shared a year ago, only this time it’s the real thing! 😀

In a nutshell, the tool – currently in beta – performs the following functions:

  • We created Threat Profiles, a set of supervised machine learning classifiers, to find domains which could become weaponized by bad actors for phishing, malware, or spam campaigns
  • We find these domains before they are weaponized; we think of them as domains registered with “malicious intent”
  • The accuracy of our classifiers is pretty darn good
  • We created a new machine learning infrastructure, called the Crank, to make quick changes, run experiments, and automatically evaluate the results,
  • We have a dedicated Data Science and R&D team so that we’ll constantly stay one step ahead of the bad actors
  • You can easily integrate Threat Profile scores into your firewall rules, Splunk, or other threat intelligence processes
  • It’s in beta now, and will be released soon

For more information on the Domaintools Threat Profile, click here.

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