#Domain sightings : 2019 and how to Shred it!

Happy New Year!

We kick off 2020 with a brand new “domain sighting” of a .com domain name.

What are domain sightings? Simply put, they are domain names seen “in the wild” – random encounters with domains in the real world: business signs, car wraps, labels and stickers on products. In other words, tangible occurrences of intangible assets.

We separate them in two categories, dot .com domain sightings, and everything else.

This time around we came across Shred-It on a van parked outside Best Buy. The company is promoting their brand by using the domain name Shredit.com.

Their motto is “world class document destruction.”

The domain was registered in 1996, and the company is specializing in secure destruction of documents. They also own the dashed version, shred-it.com, that points to shredit.com.

Start your new year by shredding up the documents from the one that has ended! 😀

Shred it – using shredit.com

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