#Domainers : Do you have a #backuplan?

Drew Rosener – Media Options.

In life, it’s great to have backup plans. They can provide a safe, strategic exit from difficult situations.

Not everything has the expected outcome, so in general, having a backup plan helps.

But what about a backuplan?

No idea what that would be, but Media Options seems to know better: the domain Backuplan.com is now under their management.

Could “backuplan” be a shorter, brandable variant of “backup plan” and the matching .com is thus appealing?

There are about 1,070 results on Google for “backuplan” and most of them are on Twitter. Even Google suggests “backup plan” as the obvious, alternate search term. A back up plan is also known as “plan B.”

For a cost acquisition of $641 dollars, Backuplan.com is not a very expensive typo-domain. After all, the non-typo, BackupPlan.com, does not resolve at all.

Do you have a backuplan?

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