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Domainers : It’s steak & bj day today! #steakandbj

Steak & BJ day, March 14th.

Exactly one month after Valentine’s, it’s “Steak and BJ” day today, March 14th.

Organized to celebrate the rights of all men around the world – domainers included – the day involves the obvious treatment they deserve from their significant other.

“Men work hard to satisfy their lovers on Valentine’s Day, and, given their ebullient dedication, Steak and BJ Day 2017 is an opportunity to repay the favor.

Plus, February 14th has become so capitalist – March 14th is good ol’ fashioned TLC. “

For more information, visit OfficialSteakAndBlowjobDay.com, one of the best long-tail, exact match domains we’ve seen. 😀

Or watch the video below for instructions, it’s self-explanatory.

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3 Responses to “Domainers : It’s steak & bj day today! #steakandbj”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Generally, I try to avoid all Holidays, especially the ones created or manipulated by corporations to sell more products. But, this one sounds interesting. maybe I should start liking some Holidays? :p lol

  2. DomainGang says:

    Eric – I know it’s a risque holiday, but hey, life is short! 😀 Maybe get a .SteakAndBJ gTLD instead of .BlackFriday 😀

  3. Data Glasses says:

    Better than Festivas

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