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Domainers talking industry lingo got booted off Delta flight!

When boarding a plane, be careful what you say.

A small group of domain investors got booted off a Delta flight on New Year’s Eve, after their conversation raised the suspicion of an Illinois grandma.

Flight 2275 from Chicago, Illinois to Las Vegas, Nevada was delayed, in order to investigate the incident.

According to the elderly Illinois woman’s testimony, the following conversation ensued:

“We have to catch them before they drop…or the Chinese might get the chips.

Correct. Show them who runs the show. Did you test for traffic? I bet it’s all Asian or Iranian hits.

Buddy, the last reports show .XYZ is making a killing. That Negari guy knows how to play the Chinese.”

Other parts of the discussion involved terms such as “snapping” and “drop-catching,” along with derogatory terms about president-elect, Donald Trump’s intention to increase the capital gains tax bracket.

Paula Jean Maples, a septuagenarian grandmother of three from Peoria, Illinois, stated these words and phrases made her feel very uncomfortable. She reported the incident to the flight attendants, who talked to the pilot; he turned the plane around.

After four hours of interrogation, the group of domainers were allowed to board another plane to Las Vegas, where they will stay until the end of NamesCon 2017.

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One Response to “Domainers talking industry lingo got booted off Delta flight!”
  1. Steve says:

    Yes, Trump nutters are some of the most paranoid and racist people I have ever seen and met. Heaven help us all. (not just a select few uneducated white people.)
    Just ran into a Spanish American friend who was born in the US about 40 years ago. Some white inbred told her daughter and baby “you people will be going home soon!!!! Scary stuff that people that ignorant are allowed outside???
    I am Canadian and VERY proud of it and as white as they come. While we have lots of inbreds up here they usually stay in the bush and mind their own business. The general civilized Canadian population of all races keeps it that way. Works pretty good. Not perfect but not as bad as I have seen on holiday so far. Good luck World!!!!
    Happy New Year!!!??

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