Don’t hit save! Domain names, they are all taken!

Every savvy domain investor knows the #1 rule of domaining: All the good .com domains are taken.

After more than two decades of commercial Internet, the most coveted .com domains are in the hands of “domain squatters.

Ahem. Well, you know, we like calling them investors. 😀

Jeff Lofvers is a game developer who likes to make cool stuff. He’s also a comic artist, who enjoys drawing things “old school,” with pen and paper. He then scans and colorizes these comics on his computer, and uploads them to his web comic website.

Don’t Hit Save is an awesome web comic produced by Jeff, as a creative output since last year; that’s where we found a recent “gem” referencing domain names.

With Jeff’s permission, we share it below. 😀

Don't Hit Save -

Don’t Hit Save – By Jeff Lofvers.

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