Dot .CLUB #fidget spinner put to the ultimate #domainer test!

Last October, we ran a fun test on two fidget spinners that MERGE! exhibitors provided to us: Payoneer and Protected Parking.

These toys are still popular, and companies brand them and give them away at conferences.

Dot .CLUB, managers of the popular gTLD, were kind to provide us with the official dot .CLUB fidget spinner. 😀

As before, we placed the dot .CLUB fidget spinner on the same flat surface – an aluminum mouse pad made by Rocketfish.

We gave the .CLUB fidget spinner a really nice spin, and started recording within 3 seconds.

Off went the spinner!

Although the testing surface is designed to allow for a laser mouse to glide effortlessly, we witnessed that the .CLUB spinner started becoming wobbly about 30 seconds later.

That’s due to the quality and / or number of ball bearings, unfortunately, something that determines both the maximum rotating speed of the fidget spinner, and the time it will spin for.

Here’s the video, our test results follow:

As you can see, the spinner rotated for 1:43 (a minute and forty-three seconds) placing it last among the three fidget spinners in our tests.

Should dot .CLUB increase their domain pricing, and invest in better quality fidget spinners?

Of course not.

Dot .CLUB is doing a remarkably great job as a Registry, with 1.288 million .CLUB domains.

It’s unfortunate that there is no consistency in the quality of China-made merchandise, perhaps there’s a tariff for fidget spinners in the horizon!

Many thanks to Jeff Sass of Dot .CLUB for providing us with the fidget spinner for our test!

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  1. Rod says:

    My butler has jut informed me that spinnertradewar/com is available!

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