Dot .com sightings : Give zero “F’s” with this #crypto coin domain name!

It’s always fun to encounter domain names “in the wild,” also known as domain sightings.

Coming across a domain emblazoned across the back or side of a car can be entertaining and educating too. Just make sure you aren’t driving while you attempt to take the picture!

This time around we came across this fun domain, which was registered in 2015. These days, crypto domains can be about anything, and Zero Fucks Coin is about not giving a fuck about things in life!

If that’s your attitude, who are we to judge? 😀 offers some real fun “coins” that you can order online, presumably as gag gifts, because they are not legal tender anywhere. So give a fuck for a change, and visit their web site at for some laughs.

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One Response to “Dot .com sightings : Give zero “F’s” with this #crypto coin domain name!”
  1. Don W. says:

    They call it the Euro.

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