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Dot .com sightings : Rare instance of a LL .com #domain with MT.com driven around

Welcome to another edition of dot .com sightings – the place we share public captures of dot .com domains “in the wild.”

These are instances that domain names are encountered in real life, and when that happens, we make sure we’re stationary to take a picture!

This time around we have a rare instance of a two letter .com domain, MT.com. This beauty was registered in 1993, according to DomainTools. It makes it a free domain as registrations at the time cost zero.

MT.com is the primary domain of the company Mettler Toledo – a multinational manufacturer of scales and analytical instrument and the largest provider of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial, and food retailing applications. In 2018, they had revenue of almost $3 billion dollars.

As one can see the company van design is very simple, almost minimalist. The two letters of the domain are prefixed by the antiquated “www” that indicates the world wide web. Beneath, “METTLER” appears.

Mettler Toledo owns Mettler.com and MettlerToledo.com but they chose to advertise their brand with MT.com as the domain.

Who wouldn’t? 😀

Two letter .com – MT.com – For Mettler Toledo.

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