#Dot com sightings : York Mechanical keeps NYC cool

Domain sightings are random encounters with domain names “in the wild.”

Those real world crossings with domains can happen on vehicles, or on businesses and products.

Currently enjoying New York city and there are plenty of domain names on anything that moves.

Keeping New York cool is a must during the summer  months. I came across a business that does just that – at least, that’s the motto on their service van.

The actual business name is York Mechanical, operating from the domain YorkMechanical.com. According to their web site:

“YORK Mechanical Corp , a family owned and operated company, with 25 plus years of experience as a heating ventilation & Air Conditioning Company.”

And now for a fun note: Mike Mann‘s Domain Market outfit owns NewYorkMechanical.com, at a price of $1,888 dollars. 😀

And that, by NYC price standards, is a great deal.

York Mechanical service van

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