Mike Mann spent $20 bucks and made almost forty grand with these #domains!

Domain entrepreneur, Mike Mann.

Domain entrepreneur and serial investor, Mike Mann, shared his latest domain sales on Twitter.

For years, the ever-busy domainer has been turning single or double digit acquisitions and registrations into sizable sales.

Being frugal at domain auctions demonstrates Mike Mann’s capability to trust his gut feeling about a “cheap” domain’s potential.

So which two domains did Mike Mann sell recently, after spending a total of $20 dollars to acquire them?

  • InfraBuild.com – sold for $18,000 dollars, bought for $12 on 9/14/2011
  • AnchorTrading.com – sold for $19,888 dollars, registered for $8 on 2/9/2011

This is an insane ROI, going from $20 bucks to almost forty thousand dollars!

Mike Mann’s Domain Market surely churns out some nice sales.

As a fun side note, Mann.ch was recently sold via Sedo, for 8,400 EUR but it wasn’t to Mike. 😀

A job well done, Mike!

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