Mike Mann on #domains and charity : The return of the “dot com king”

Domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Mike Mann, is once again challenging Rick Schwartz’s title.

Mike Mann’s use of the “domain king” epithet became a friction point in the past.

The founder of Domain Market often refers to media coverage about his right to use “domain king” as proof of achievements, along with donations to charity.

Said Mike Mann via Twitter:

“Keep in mind I have donated millions to charity and thousands of hours, wrote books and started many excellent companies, when you compare us. And Ive sold hundreds of times more domains……..”

In recent days, Mike noted how Northern Virginia Magazine referred to him as the “dot-com king.” That’s pushing the envelope as DotComKing.com is owned by none other than Rick Schwartz, the de facto Domain King.

Although that article is from 2014, it’s worth reading.

The story covers Mike Mann’s feat of registering several thousand domain names in a single day.

Mike Mann – Dot Com King, according to the Northern Virginia Magazine.

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One Response to “Mike Mann on #domains and charity : The return of the “dot com king””
  1. BullS says:

    “registering several thousand domain names in a single day.”

    what kind of domains?? pigeon shit ones or gtlds

    Just show us your tax returns and we will decide who the domain king is …

    where is the domain queen?

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