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Poll results : Rick Schwartz is the de facto “Domain King”

The poll results are in, and a domainer argument has been settled by a wide margin.

Rick Schwartz is the de facto Domain King – as he should be, as the owner of DomainKing.com and the matching US trademark, DOMAIN KING.

More than 62% of NamePros members voted for Rick, while 37% voted for the king’s challenger, Mike Mann.

So how did this argument begin?

Somehow, domain entrepreneur Mike Mann said on Twitter that he’s the real domain king. Mann took the social media taunting one notch up, saying that Frank Schilling and several others trump Rick Schwartz.

The Domain King left Twitter and Facebook at the end of last year.

View the NamePros poll and cast your own vote, if you must!

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One Response to “Poll results : Rick Schwartz is the de facto “Domain King””
  1. Domain Boss says:

    Who is the Domain Boss then?

    DomainBoss.com ?


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