Dot .Games : Domain stats and figures from RightSide

Dot .Games recently opened its gates to everyone; from game authors, developers, gamers and domain investors, this fresh gTLD by RightSide was well-received.

By rolling out .Games at a wholesale price of only $15 dollars, RightSide attempts to dominate the game industry’s need for domains.

Naturally, premium domains are priced higher, but that’s to be expected. Three letter .Games domains, for example, can be had for $440 /year at Uniregistry.

Domain investors looking for a range of keywords will be pleasantly surprised. If you’re a gamer, there’s a good chance your Xbox handle is available! πŸ˜€


We received some stats and figures from RightSide, as of today:

  • The Sunrise period generated 377 registrations of .Games domains.
  • The EAP period generated 253 .Games registrations.
  • There have been 208 registrations of premium .Games domains.
  • Total as of 9/29/2016 : 5,826 .Games domains are registered.

RightSide has been very consistent with their promotional activity on .Games, reaching out to gamers and game studios to educate them about this exciting new gTLD.

To be frank, 99% of the .Games market is aimed at end-users, and that includes both individuals and companies in the lucrative, multi-billion dollar gaming industry.

What .Games domains have you registered, for development or investment purposes? Share them below. πŸ˜€

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