Dr. Kevin Ham: Life lessons from Ham.com

In the early 2000s, domain investor and entrepreneur, Dr. Kevin Ham, was called “The Man Who Owns The Internet.”

Business publications such as CNN reinforced the profile of a man who controlled thousands of domain names, profiting from their earned revenue. Eventually, Kevin Ham sold his empire, Vertical Axis, for up to $50 million dollars in 2017.

One domain that Dr. Kevin Ham did not sell, however, is Ham.com. It makes sense, actually, as his last name is also a single syllable, three-letter .com domain!

It took a couple of decades but Ham.com is now developed as Dr. Kevin Ham’s personal portal where one can subscribe to his “Life Lessons” newsletter called “Compounding Wisdom.”

It’s refreshing to witness a successful man’s path in life who is offering to help others.

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