#DropCatch battle : Grow bigger or increase size?

The battle of domain investors for two word .com domains is heating up, and DropCatch is once again the battlefield for such domain auctions.

Two domain auctions that ended today at DropCatch appear to have attracted the same crowd: domainers bidding on the penis size niche.

Nothing wrong with that!

It’s just funny seeing these two domain auctions closing within minutes of each other:

  • GrowBigger.com – a domain originally registered in 1999
  • IncreaseSize.com – a domain originally registered in 2002

Both domain auctions attracted several bids. So who won the battle of the measuring tape?

GrowBigger.com ended at $401 dollars, after 26 bids from 11 bidders. The winner is DropCatch user “Biggyy” – quite appropriate.

Meanwhile, IncreaseSize.com fetched a paltry $104 dollars, despite having more Google results for the keywords. Eight bidders placed a total of 11 bids, and DropCatch user “youhavewon” took the domain home.

Congratulations to the new owners.

Grow bigger, increase size.

Grow bigger, increase size. Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash

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