: Lander of choice hosts malware, according to Avast

The domain was reportedly sold for $2,000,000 dollars in 2017. ETH is the symbol for Ethereum and it’s natural that the three letter .com domain would be used with cryptocurrency in mind.

Currently, it appears that forwards to the domain, another cryptocurrency du jour with a smiling poop as a symbol. At least, that’s what an indexing service such as captures.

Trying to visit manually, however, we get an alert and a broken connection from Avast antivirus, that classifies the connect as dangerous, per the image below:

The browser connection is shut down by Avast, indicating that the content is malicious.

Looking up the status of on Virus Total, an online checker of malicious URLs and content, one vendor out of many ranks as “malicious.”

From the looks of it, the appears to be the culprit and the operators better remove the URL forwarding asap!

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