Every Domain King needs his #domain #kingdom

Rick Schwartz invests in crypto domains.

If you’ve been binge-watching the second season of The Crown at Netflix, you are not alone.

Millions of viewers are enchanted by the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her life among both Royalty and the commoners of Great Britain.

The series is charged with a broad range of emotions, a rare sight for the usually well-composed British.

Real Royalty aside, the domain industry has its king, Rick Schwartz.

Often sharing an earnest openness about what led him to extensive domain success, the Domain King is particularly enjoying his Twitter focus, away from casual blogging at DomainKing.com.

Recently, we came across a beautiful domain, that given Rick’s partiality towards his well-known moniker and brand, would be great to own: DomainKingdom.com.

Registered in 2003 by someone in Pakistan, the domain is these days in the hands of an Egyptian registrant, who wants a mere $7,499 dollars for it – hardly a king’s ransom.

Knowing Rick’s negotiation skills, that asking price would surely come down a bit, should the Domain King himself asked. 😀

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