CEO envies Netflix’s brand in humorous tweet

Google “fast” and you’ll see that comes up tops—because they pay Google Ads for the top spot exposure.

The top organic result, however, is, a domain name that measures your internet speed. was acquired in 2016 by Netflix and it’s a fine example of a secondary or “assisting” brand that leverages the needs of the main brand. In the case of, Netflix users measure their network speed to decide on service upgrades for streaming Netflix content. – A Netflix brand

Meanwhile, the CEO of, Domm Holland, tweeted his “envious” desire for Netflix to drop the domain

i dont know who needs to hear this but…

you dont need that domain name

you wont use it

and the expiry reminder emails will haunt you

In the general context of “needing” a domain name, the usual naysayers joined in, calling out domain registrants of 4/5 letter .com domains as “domain squatters.”

The commentary is both sad and hilarious, so join in here.

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