Father Domainicus: Burn in hell, Boston tragedy domain registrants!

Father Domainicus casts the anathema to the domain squatters.

Father Domainicus casts the anathema to registrants of tragedy domains.

Greetings and salutations, to my faithful domainer brothers and sisters; this is Father Domainicus with a special message about the city of Boston.

As jubilant as I am on this fine Sunday, regarding the capture of the Boston marathon bomber, I am dismayed by the unethical behavior of some people in the domainer community.

The causing of so much harm at a sports gathering, was matched by unscrupulous registrations of domain names, by individuals that are now hiding behind WHOIS anonymity.

Shame, shame, shame and hell and damnation to thee, for attempting to reap profit from the tragedy of others!

Our Domain Lord has clearly said so, in Domaineronomy 3:16:

“Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah, shall be cast upon them burning water and famine and death, for no man worthy exists in the cities of merchants and whores…”

To paraphrase the Domain Lord, the rich that are seeking to profit from domain registrations related to the Boston bombing tragedy, will face the wrath of the Lord in due time; only a confession shall set them free.

It is important to keep in mind that no matter what one’s intentions are declared in the open, the mere registration of domain names related to disasters is an indication of malice and profiteering.

Let those heartless registrants perish in the flames of hell for all eternity!

To the wonderful people of Boston, I send warm, fatherly hugs and kisses as we’re welcoming them back to our domainer congregation. May the Domain Lord protect you, as you paahty wicked haahd.

~Father Domainicus.


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2 Responses to “Father Domainicus: Burn in hell, Boston tragedy domain registrants!”
  1. JO says:

    This is something Sigmund Solares’ DirectNIC.com and the dozens of shell companies he’s created likes to do……

  2. DomainGang says:

    JO – Details please.

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