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Final political #domains : They can’t catch us, red mirage, and trunalimunumaprzure

If you’re tired of this election, so are we. The Electoral College system is giving everyone – Democrats and Republicans – a questionable sense of winning before all the votes are counted.

Hopefully a result is solidified soon, so that we can focus on life and domain investments.

Speaking of which, no more political domains please! They are a waste of money in this pandemic. Here are some domains that only make money for the domain registrars:

  • Trunalimunumaprzure.com – a domain that was registered after a “trunalimunumaprzure” meme took life as the vocalization of choice for a Joe Biden fairly incomprehensible speech under rain last week. Registered at Namecheap, it forwards to a Covid-19 web site.
  • TheyCantCatchUs.com – in the early morning hours today, Donald Trump’s speech at the White House projected an early victory, based on current results; the only problem is, not all the votes have been counted and the race looks extremely tight. “They can’t catch us,” said the President. A GoDaddy domain, and the registrant is selling it.
  • RedMirage.com – the false indication of a clear Republican victory in the US elections, due to the asynchronous counting of mail-in ballots. Registered in 2010, the “red mirage” matching domain is up for sale at BuyDomains for a $2,288 dollar fee.

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