– Why would anyone support a murderer?

Some Dutch guy registered - would you support a murderer?

Anyone who’s been following the news about Joran van der Sloot accused of committing murder in Peru must surely wonder how old will this young man be when he is freed.

The Peruvian judicial system does not serve the death penalty to murderers; the maximum sentence is 30 years.

In the event that Joran van der Sloot gets the maximum sentence, he’ll be in his 50’s before he gets released from jail.

Not so, says a Dutch supporter of the young man, who has registered the domain name – and is gearing up for a wave of support; Joran van der Sloot is not able to pay for his own defense and the Dutch embassy in Peru is not going to assist with it.

What’s interesting about the domain name is that its Dutch registrant’s address is in The Hague – the judicial capital of the United Nations and home of many international criminal courts.

So how is Joran van der Sloot going to pay for his defense expenses?

It’s known that he’s an avid gambler and likes poker, so perhaps a large poker web site would love to capitalize on this opportunity and create plenty of controversy in the process!

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4 Responses to “ – Why would anyone support a murderer?”
  1. Doctor says:

    Just for this idiot, I just registered
    I will post whatever you want and make it a site that shows what a real killer is about

  2. steve says:

    He believes in Innocent until proven guilty,
    Although they said Joran admitted to the murder..
    Doesn’t look good for him.
    Max sentence he can they said is 35 years…why not life.

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Steve – one must understand that different nations have different laws regarding crimes. I am sure if he were in China he’d be facing 40 years hard labor or even death.

    Doctor – this looks great. The “hot seat” looks hilarious 😀

  4. Doctor says:

    I did this just for you :}

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