George Papadopoulos : Most common Greek name sold in .com

George Papadopoulos is most likely the most common male Greek name and surname combo, akin to “John Smith” in the US.

A man named “George Papadopoulos” was indicted by the FBI today, in a brewing scandal involving key figures of the Donald Trump political campaign.

Mr. George Papadopoulos lied to the FBI, and since his arrest in July he has become the “Greek Deep Throat” for the Donald Trump presidential campaign, taking a guilty plea.

With all that exposure to funky Greek names, someone snatched the domain name,, from New Ventures Services via Afternic, today.

The selling price was mostly likely $677 dollars, although NVS, a cryptic company owned by Network Solutions, is known for evaluating offers and offering discounts for “exotic” domain names that sit unwanted.

The domain name is now being offered “for sale,” and we are certain that the majority of the potential buyers are in Greece. The backdrop image of handcuffs alludes to today’s revelation about the arrested man.

Meanwhile, a Michigan man by the same name, has been proclaiming on Twitter that he has nothing to do with the former political adviser to Donald Trump. That Mr. George Papadopoulos is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) & CPA, and a Wall Street Journal Expert panelist; he’s humoring the situation as much as he can. 😀

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