Worldwide protests over “kidnapping” of Greek grandma

During the weekend, worldwide protests took place for the immediate release of a Greek grandma or “giagia” (γιαγιά in Greek.)

Polyxeni Papadomanolakis, a 98 year old grandmother from Crete in Greece is known locally for her great spanakopita, chochlioi snail soup, and lamb pilaf.

Her grandsons, Petros Papadomanolakis and Stamos Papadomanolakis wanted to surprise her with her own domain,

But that domain is taken and the Papadomanolakis clan is not happy.

“Ehhhh, who is this malaka who took hostage? Ehhhh, I will cut his legs off, I swear to Panagia, not good, not good!” exclaims Frangiskos Papadomichelakis, Polyxeni’s nephew, cleaning his hunter’s rifle.

“My giagia would not hurt a fly but some karagiozis took the domain and wants a lot of money for it, bre ton paliotourko, tha ton kathariso!” adds Frangiskos Papadomichelakis, loading up his hunting rifle.

A fund to collect the money, $150000 dollars, has been opened so hopefully investor Mike Mann who owns the domain will soon release it to the Papadomanolakis family.

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