Glorious days ahead for Domainers

Father Domanicus - Our channel to the Domain Lord.

Good afternoon, my domaining children.

This is Father Domainicus with an important Sunday message.

Some of you might expect the sermon to be about money and unadulterated traffic, but I’d rather disappoint you than lie to you.

Unlike some of those voices out there that profess “huge returns” for your “pure traffic” I will bring forth the options that domainers face, in the year of our Domain Lord 2011.

Unless you were born in the 1950’s thus seizing the day during the time the Internet boom occurred, you’d have to provide the merchants of Jerusalem with plenty of shekels in order to purchase domains with so-called “type in” traffic.

Those that push those words as if it’s the only solution are lying, my brothers and sisters. Type-in traffic in the year 2011 is nothing but a glorification of their inability to develop web sites and real businesses.

Think for a second, my domain children. All those start-ups that used creative domain names to engage in selling of their products and services, did they have to own “generics”? If that were the case, there could only be as many businesses as the words in the dictionary.

But the truth is, there are far many more.

The secret, my brothers and sisters is to cover your ears to those voices that insist that you *must* have “pure type-in” traffic. It’s time to stick some quality wax into your digital ears and forge your own path, while they try to sell you the myth, over and over again, of exclusivity.

So develop your domains into real businesses, by creating meaningful content, provide affiliate services and sell products to the world – not to the small, niche market of domainers.

This is the way to success and it’s going to be your own way as well.

Professing my endless love to you,
~Father Domainicus.

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