GoDaddy Academy swallows DNAcademy in fresh acquisition

GoDaddy rolled out its GoDaddy Academy exactly two years ago. At the time, it was touted as anone-of-a-kind online training and certification program for website designing and development, co-created with industry experts, crafted to build technical & commercial proficiency, to shape your career as a certified web professional.”

While GoDaddy Academy is actively targeting internet professionals across the board, using the domain, the necessity for a domain-focused training platform became more apparent.

In fresh news, GoDaddy has acquired DNAcademy, founded by Michael Cyger seven years ago.

The acquisition enhances the GoDaddy platform with content specific to the domain industry and its particular market.

It seems that DNAcademy will continue to operate separately under the GoDaddy umbrella as Michael Cyger will become the Director of Education/Domain Names division.

Some rebranding of visuals might be necessary, to tone down the red and amplify the GoDaddy colors, but overall – a job well done, Mike!

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