#GoDaddy and real estate: Price of MasterBedroom.com has dropped!

A year ago, we commented on the fact that GoDaddy owns the domain name MasterBedroom.com; it’s an asset of its NameFind portfolio.

References to “master” have been quietly dropped from real estate lingo, as the racist overtones of the word are being swapped out for more politically correct terms, such as “primary” or “main.”

Fast forward one year and the real estate market is in full swing nationwide. Meanwhile, GoDaddy has dropped the BIN price of the domain MasterBedroom.com from $11,999 dollars down to $7,999 dollars currently.

The price drop of the domain represents a massive 33% loss in one year!

It seems that the real estate market and the domain market are inversely connected. You can still buy MasterBathroom.com for $3,499 dollars.

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