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#GoDaddy getting whacked as #Cloudflare gains traction as a #domain registrar

GoDaddy is getting whacked on Twitter, by users who spent 10-15 years with the domain registrar, but are now moving to Cloudflare.

The reverse proxy services provider, is an ICANN accredited domain registrar, offering domains at cost.

What does “at cost” domain registrations mean?

Exactly that: Cloudflare adds up the base registry fee and the ICANN fee and charges its customer zero dollars and zero cents on top of that.

In other words, if you register or transfer a .COM domain to Cloudflare, the cost is $7.85 + $0.18 = $8.03 dollars.

Compare that to the GoDaddy retail price of $11.99 plus ICANN fee and you end up saving a lot of money.

On Twitter, the conversation is heating up:

“Just moved 38 domains to @cloudflare including wesbos.com which has been on godaddy for 16 years (since I was 15!). Saving around ~$800 a year with this move. Timbits on me!”

Another user says:

“The elephant killer no longer works there, but it’s still a crud company.”

Others are joining in:

“Thanks for this. I just transferred my domain off GoDaddy. It was set to renew in just under a month.”

“i hate godaddy because they’re kit is so old. can’t handle root domain redirects which is bad if you want to link it to a heroku app.”

“Yeah I switched from GoDaddy as well. There are just better options now.”

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3 Responses to “#GoDaddy getting whacked as #Cloudflare gains traction as a #domain registrar”
  1. Richard says:

    I love Cloudflare! GoDaddy interface looks like sth from 2006 and everything takes ages to load.
    $8.08 per year for a .com compared to GD $10-$17 is a no brainer.

  2. If only Cloudflare had an option to not use their DNS. Or do they now?

  3. DomainGang says:

    Frank – I’m not sure, have no domains with them.

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