GoDaddy not happy with Europeans having too many holidays

Almost a year ago, GoDaddy acquired by paying $71.4 million dollars; the Netherlands based start-up’s founders and investors cashed a big fat check in the process.

There’s one thing that most likely wasn’t planned well in this acquisition’s particulars: European holidays.

In Europe, state-mandated holidays extend far beyond Christmas, the only day that WalMart stores close in the US. There’s also the day after Christmas, Good Friday, Monday after Easter, and May 1st – International Workers’ Day. In the Netherlands, there’s also King’s Day on April 27th and Liberation Day on May 5th .

Tomorrow, May 18th is Ascension Day, when Jesus transcended to the heavens. Guess what: It’s another day off at, that already posted a fair warning:

Due to a public holiday, our EU team will provide limited support on the 18th of May from 09:00 – 17:00 CEST. Please be aware that payouts will not be processed on the 18th of May. Domain transfers may also be delayed. Have a great day!

GoDaddy executives are not happy.

“Had we known that the Euros would slack off with so much time off, we’d offer half as much,” said Dick Prickster, VP of Vacations & Holidays at GoDaddy.

“I mean, praise Jesus and all but does it have to be a day off work? How many of you actually go to church, justifying time off? I don’t think so.” added Prickster, shaking his head.

This doesn’t end yet: will be celebrating Whit Monday on May 29th with yet another break.

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