Goodbye #domains …

There’s a time that everything has to come to an end.

It really doesn’t matter how much love and effort you put into a domain or a project, its lifespan’s final edge arrives sooner or later.

And that’s the function and purpose of Goodbye.Domains:

“The moment we decide not to renew a domain is a difficult and often deeply emotional experience. When that unexpected, cold reminder email from our registrar comes, the decision to stop renewing one of our websites is a critical moment. Perhaps the idea is no longer relevant to our lives, maybe our priorities shifted, our sense of humor changed, or the website turned out different than we expected. Or maybe we still love the site, but can no longer afford to keep renewing it.”

In other words, when you drop a domain it might be useful to someone else. Goodbye.Domains lists the reason behind the registration of domains you bid farewell to.

It’s the brain child of entrepreneur, Danielle Baskin, who also operates cool projects such as and

If you have a domain you registered and waved goodbye to, send them to Goodbye.Domains with details about your initial grand plan.

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