Göran Marby : New ICANN CEO’s name .com registered today

Mr. Göran Marby, new ICANN CEO.

Mr. Göran Marby, new ICANN CEO.

A few days after canceling its Panama meeting, ICANN announced a new CEO: Göran Marby.

The Swedish technocrat has an impressive professional career, that includes working for the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency. He’s also serving on the Swedish E-identification Board.

Despite heading a body that formulates regulations related to the Internet name space, Mr. Göran Marby did not appear to have registered his dot .com!

Someone registered the domain GoranMarby.com today, according to DomainTools; the domain’s registrant is currently unknown.

The Swedish umlaut variant was also registered as an IDN: GöranMarby.com, most likely by the same person.

Let’s hope this is not like the Fadi Chehadé case, whose domain was snapped by a well-meaning Dutch domainer; Chehadé never gained ownership to FadiChehade.com according to DomainTools.

Both domains were presumably registered right after the name of the new ICANN CEO was announced.

Good luck to Mr. Göran Marby in his new position as ICANN CEO; we’d like to hear his position on such subjects as Internet governance, the multi-stakeholder model, Wikileaks, Julian Assange and The Pirate Bay.

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