GROIN: New super duper domain marketplace won’t disclose the #domains listed

GROIN CEO, Neils Badstick

If you have top notch domains and don’t want others to know what you’re selling, head over to GROIN, a new domain marketplace.

Formed by a group of privacy-driven individuals, GROIN is the new player in the field, promising to sell your domains in 4-5 days flat, without listing the actual domain name.

“We’re focused on buyers with money that want your LL, LLL, LLLL, LLLLL, LLLLLL, and longer .com, .net, .org, and .io domains,” says Groin founder, Neils Badstick.

“The big difference at GROIN is that we don’t disclose which domains are up for sale, only prices and the type of domain; it kinda sorta feels like a scratch-off game to be honest and that’s part of the allure of the GROIN platform,” exclaims Badstick.

Groin operators are looking to close 1000 to 5000 deals every week, attracting buyers loaded with cash and BTC. Upon closing, the buyers and sellers are both flashed with a high tech, memory-erasing device that ensures the privacy of the transaction.

Neils Badstick explains how this is done:

“Who wants to sign an NDA these days, eventually things leak out, especially via domain bloggers such as DomainGang that uncover domain sales – with our Domain Memory Eraser ™ patent pending process neither the buyer or the seller remember which domain they bought on GROIN, or for how much!”

If you have great domains that you want to forget about and others not to know you’re selling, head over to and list your domains asap.

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