#Hipster domainer kicked out of #NamesCon after argument

No sooner had NamesCon 2018 started, than the first domainer incident occurred.

A self-styled domain investor from Vancouver, Oregon, raised some raucous at the NamesCon coffee kiosk.

“I asked for a custom order of a double caramel frappuccino with almond milk and a pumpkin bomb in the middle,” said Todd Z., gesticulating with frustration.

“That lady at the cafe with the strange accent, she rolled her eyes and gave me the LOOK, saying they only have REGULAR coffee,” added Todd Z., caressing his beard.

Moments later, following an altercation, Todd Z. was forcefully ejected from the premises, albeit temporarily.

Dusting off his sleeveless lumberjack shirt, the trendy domainer appeared to be quite unhappy, yet remorseful.

“I get it, you aren’t used to such custom orders here in the BOONIES, but my god, have some respect for the customer – don’t tell me I need REGULAR coffee! My god, I know what PSYCHS me and gets me going every day, to deliver exceptional results for my clients’ domain portfolios!”

NamesCon starts off the week with a full agenda, so make sure you grab your favorite coffee, as long as it’s regular.

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One Response to “#Hipster domainer kicked out of #NamesCon after argument”
  1. Anon says:

    At least he’s not an uber-douchey white guy with a tribal tattoo.

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