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Hot potato : Spud domain service reaches five figures at Flippa

The Internet, apparently, is not meant for just watching cat videos.

These days, people will actually pay for a potato delivery, inscribed with a personalized message.

PotatoParcel, a potato-by-mail prank service and its assorted domain, PotatoParcel.com, made several thousand dollars during its debut months, all thanks to going viral on several media networks.


PotatoParcel.com at Flippa.

Mailing a potato with a message sounds less kinky than the Dicks by Mail project, and equally fun: one can cook and eat the potato afterwards.

Flippa, the domain, web site and app marketplace, is now auctioning the domain and associated business – although we are not sure whether any Idaho potatoes are included.

Check out the domain auction for PotatoParcel.com – currently at $10,000 dollars.


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  1. Hire Domains says:

    I tired it with icecream but I guess you know how it worked out

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