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Hoverboard scandal : Domains banned from Southwest flights



Following on the heels of a recent announcement by Southwest to ban the transportation of electric “hoverboards” on planes, things are getting tighter.

According to the latest announcement by the Southwest CEO, hoverboard domains are also banned on all domestic flights.

This might make things very difficult, particularly when you want to attend NamesCon in Las Vegas, and you must bring your list of hoverboard domains along.

“It’s a decision that clearly doesn’t cater to domain investors, it’s borderline discrimination,” said Oratius Homer, domain investor from Tres Leches.

“Why ban my domains just because those stupid, cheap-ass Chinese batteries explode? I just don’t get it!” exclaimed Homer.

By banning all hoverboard domains on Southwest flights, the airline aims at keeping the crew and stuff comfortable, and the security of the cargo intact. Domain investors are expected to delete all such entries from their portfolio prior to boarding a Southwest flight.

If you own any hoverboard domains, or battery domains, keep that in mind when you book your next flight.

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