Huge numbers: 23-32-63 .com all sold to a #Chinese investor

While the numbers 23-32-63 look like a bottom-heavy chick’s measurements, they are in fact domain names worth millions.

The domains,, and were all sold as a package yesterday. Their Chinese former owner relayed the information to domain investor and founder, George Hong, who shared the news:

The previous owner of, &, a Chinese investor, told me that he sold these three names as a package yesterday.

According to the Whois records of these three domains, all of them have been transferred to another Chinese registrant.

The seller previously sold and as well, said he had held the five two number .com domains for an average of three to five years and made several times the return on investment.

As is the case with sales of this caliber, the cost to acquire these premium NN .com domain names was not disclosed. We can safely assume that they add up to a number in the seven digit range.

One thing is certain: the domains remained under Chinese ownership, but don’t let Donald Trump know or he might add a tariff to all future sales.

Domain sales – Photo by Gesina Kunkel on Unsplash

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