Trump’s tariffs on #China now include LL, LLL and LLLL .com #domain names

President Trump‘s relentless policies on Chinese goods impose millions of dollars in tariffs.

The onslaught on China is rapidly expanding, in order to ensure that the Communist Capitalism model does not spread westwards.

New measures now include domain names, and specifically LL .com, LLL .com and LLLL .com domain names. The specific tariff rates will be announced as early as next week.

“By adding tariffs to domain names sold to the Chinese, we are protecting the US economy, as .com domains are ours,” said Donald Trump on social media.

“I want every American to be able to buy these premium domains first, not China merchants. I will make sure the domain remain in American domainer hands, we will make America Great Again!” added Trump.

A large percentage of two letter, three letter and four letter .com domains have been sold to Chinese interests in the past 4 years. Donald Trump’s tariffs will increase the wholesale price that these domains will be sold at, if the buyer is in China.

“We will be protesting this big time,” said domain broker Sammy Xie Long, who operates Tamade Gan .CN, a premium domain name brokerage in Beijing, China.

“Trump is stupid president, if increase price LL .com no China investor buy, stupid people vote Trump feel pain,” added Sammy Xie Long.

If you have any domains that fall in these categories, you’re better off selling to the Russians. Or hold onto them until the next Democratic president removes all tariffs imposed on China.

Chinese domain investors to be hit with Trump’s tariffs – Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

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2 Responses to “Trump’s tariffs on #China now include LL, LLL and LLLL .com #domain names”
  1. Michele says:

    Perhaps I could make a down payment for Brooklyn Bridge, instead. Can you link me up?

  2. Nobody says:

    I have issues. Really Funny!

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