ICANN51 update: New Multi-Steakholder model fully approved

Months of hard work between committee and subcommittee members of the ICANN at large teams have come to fruition at ICANN51 in Los Angeles.

The much acclaimed “Multi-Steakholder Model” is now officially approved, by the ICANN CEO, Fadi Chehadé, who playfully posed with the resulting study’s brochure:

“This is a moment of triumph, a moment of joy, and I am grateful for all the hard work and effort of every committee member, that put endless days and sleepless nights into this! It’s a masterpiece of collective contribution to a free, open Internet!”

Presenting the approved Multi-Steakholder Model, Mr. Chehadé thus ended months of speculation about what exactly is being worked on during these 16 hour long meetings of the various ICANN committees.

ICANN51 continues today, debating over the exact number of calories that Donuts domains should provide to the average domain registrant.


Fadi Chehade – Original photo by Ole Jacobsen.

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