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Illustrator.net : Premium #domain was let go due to “no sale” prospects!

End-users drop domains when attempts to sell them fail. In the case of Illustrator.net, a domain originally registered in 1996, it was let go like a heavy burden.

Illustrator.net expired, dropped, and was promptly picked up by DropCatch, where it was auctioned off. The auction ended at $656 dollars.

We contacted the previous owner, Zak Software, to gauge a response on why they let go of such a premium, aged domain name. Were they aware of it, or they forgot to renew it—or was something else involved.

Illustrator.net – Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The response was quite shocking:

“It had been up for sale and we received no bids on it so just let it lapse.”

It’s worth noting that the domain illustrator.net was not parked at a market place such as the Uni Market, Sedo, DAN.com, or Afternic. It was most likely pointed to a landing page with a “make an offer” prompt, perhaps with an email or a form.

Now, Illustrator.net is up for sale at Sedo with a $14,950 dollar asking price, that reflects its value more accurately. After all, domain auctions at DropCatch are overwhelmingly catering to domain investors—not end-user buyers.

This remarkably story indicates that there is very little education on domain name potential and the selling channels available to end-users, should they decide to “get rid” of their domain assets for a fee that matches their true valuation.

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