Intel Capital invests in CaféX Communications!

Domain investor and developer, Bruce Marler, informed us of a major investment that CaféX Communications has secured.

Intel Capital, financial branch of leading technology manufacturer Intel, is investing in the company that Bruce Marler is VP of Technical Sales at.

“We are thrilled and excited that a top Fortune 500 company has taken interest in our products, here at CaféX Communications,” said Bruce Marler.

CaféX Communications, is a leading provider of real-time engagement solutions for mobile and web platforms.

Founded in 2013, CaféX has evolved into a market leader for its innovative software platform that leverages WebRTC technology to power contextual real-time communication experiences within enterprise applications.


Rami Musallam, president and chief executive officer of CaféX said about the investment by Intel Capital:

“Over the past year, we have seen a strong commercial adoption of our WebRTC-based contextual communications solutions in several sectors. When combined with innovation from market leaders such as Intel to deliver hardware accelerated technology that enables the integration of server software vital to encryption, media processing and transcoding, we see the opportunities to engage new markets rapidly increasing.”

“This investment will help the company expand our reach into the marketplace and serve many more businesses that are looking to enhance customer engagement,” added Musallam.

Congratulations to the company and its people for this exciting opportunity to expand their brand and services.

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