Internet Reboot Report : Every single domain name has already been registered before

Every single domain name and permutation of characters, in every TLD, has been registered before.

This is the result of research by the Internet Reboot Institute, published in its July 2017 issue.

“Quantum physics allows us to arrive to provoking conclusions that defy linear logic,” said Steve Karapiperis of the Internet Reboot Institute.

“While a state of on/off exists in normalized strata, in a universe where a multi-dimensional dependency operates as a prime domain shifter, there is always the combined ON-OFF alternative,” said Karapiperis.

In plain speak, the results of the two year research by the Internet Reboot Institute indicate the co-existence of “registered” and “available” domain names; the in-between status takes priority over the individual ones.

Domain Quantum Physics is a new sector of multi-dimensional domain data, and a white paper will be published soon. DomainTools has been using the technology for the last 6 months, to determine the potential of unregistered domains without registering any.

“Shifting the paradigm of domain registrations away from available and registered onto the more meaningful “regvailable” is the ultimate money maker for domain registrars,” says Paul Doughmein, of Paul Doughmein Consulting.

“Imagine being able to have infinite registrants for the same domain, that might exist in parallel with no existing – at least, the money will be in the paid state!” exclaimed Doughmein, laughing.

Once the white paper leaves the academic circles, technocrats and greedy registries alike will be taking over, with great implications related to the domain industry.

“The future is so bright we just might need thicker sunglasses to see its effect on people’s lives,” said Steve Karapiperis, adding: “It’s the dawn of a new era, beyond our comprehension, the dawn of the age of the Aquarius.”

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