Internet Reboot report : XYZ domains hard on people with arthritis!


An XYZ heatmap: Effect on 5 fingers.

A new report by the Internet Reboot institute reveals some shocking findings about XYZ domains and their effect on people with irreversible, degenerative arthritis.

After studying a sample of twenty five million Internet users, the Internet Reboot institute generated heatmap-enhanced tables.

The report states that 88% of those that navigate to .XYZ web sites by means of typing in the URL, receive 65% more friction to their fingers on the left hand. Meanwhile, single finger typists are the only ones that avoid such an effect.

“The close proximity of the letters X and Z on the keyboard is causing a lot of stress on the fingers,” said Dr. Morgan Nutz, medical professor for the Internet Reboot institute.

“If an Internet user is typing XYZ, their left middle finger and pinky make an unnatural, frictional engagement, resulting in potential loss of tissue or bone marrow, long term,” added Dr. Morgan  Nutz.

According to the report, such friction does not exist in TLDs or gTLDs that separate letters by at least three keys; thus, .com and .net are safe, while .org is questionable, due to the diagonal proximity of the keys R and G.

To safely navigate XYZ web sites, users are thus advised to use one finger at a time.

The Internet Reboot institute produces domain and Internet related reports quarterly, quite often disseminating popular Internet myths about consumer reports.

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