InterNetX: Tech TLDs for your digital identity

The global tech industry is transforming the world’s economy, systems, and daily lives. Today’s tech landscape is incredibly diverse, covering sectors like artificial intelligence (AI), fintech, health tech, and software as a service (SaaS). Each sector drives innovation and changes how we interact with technology.

In this digital age, tech companies must do more than create groundbreaking products—they need a strong online presence.

Domain names are key to this, forming the foundation of a company’s brand identity and online visibility. Whether you’re a tech giant, a startup, or an entrepreneur, your choice of domain name says a lot about you. It’s a crucial part of your digital identity, reflecting your commitment to innovation and technology.

Simone Catania of InterNetX explores the connection between domain names and tech business’s digital presence by identifying the TLDs that can uplift your online identity and set a solid foundation for your brand’s visibility and credibility online.

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