It’s all about domains: The latest news about new gTLDs

Can you imagine the domain industry without any new gTLDs?

The first new gTLD application round was launched on January 12, 2012 introducing more than 1,000 new TLDs—that’s a full decade ago!

The opportunities in the namespace are set to increase again: Working behind the scenes is the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO), a policy-development body responsible for developing and recommending policies on new gTLDs to the ICANN Board. Now they are back at work, promoting innovation and competition on the internet even further.

Simone Catania, Global Content & Communications Manager at InterNetX, interviewed Philippe Fouquart, engineer and Senior Expert in Naming, Numbering & Addressing at Orange, and current Chair of the GNSO.

The interview examines the role of this body, the lessons learned from the first new gTLD round and what is expected from the upcoming second round.

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